Please Review The Following Voice Talent:

Andy M.

younger, warm, passionate, high-energy

Bill LE.

warm, friendly, authoritative

Bill LO.

deep, smooth, warm

Billy R.

deep, cool, edgy

Craig F.

youthful, timeless, distinct

Fred N.

baritone, smooth, conversational or hard-edge

Glenn C.

powerful, hard-hitting - fire and brimstone

Jerry L.

rich, deep, confident

Joe M.

upbeat, real, from low key to auto spots

John W.

warm, sincere, believable

Ken L.

everyman, from announcer to character

Kevan R.

passionate, conversational, persuasive

Kevin M.

powerful, smooth, edgy attitude

Mark H.

hip, warm, trusting

Mauricio P.

SPANISH MALE - gentle, thoughtful, charming

Rene N.

SPANISH MALE - 24 HOUR TURNAROUND. fresh, hardsell or warm

Rob W.

rich, commanding, attention-getting

Ron S.

warm, storyteller

Scott G.

young, energetic, guy next door

Scott M.

gen X sound, mid 20's to late 30's

Scott S.

young, believable, guy next door

Tony I.

smooth, friendly, conversational

Brian G.

relaxed, confident, engaging

Christian D.

upbeat, fresh, millennial

Joshua H.

articulate, intelligent, charismatic, calming, and authentic

Patrick M.

youthful, energetic, warm, natural, gen Z

Marcus A.

bass, baritone, senior, professional

Mike D.

BRITISH MALE - 24 HOUR TURNAROUND - rich, deep, characterful

Amelie K.

FRENCH CANADIAN FEMALE - e-learning/corp

Amy R.

warm, sexy, inviting, serious

Carole V.

BRITISH FEMALE - clear, precise

Danielle F.

upbeat, professional, soothing

Debra M.

young, energetic, conversational, sexy

Diane M.

sultry, smooth, mom

Irene Z.

mature, mid-range, characters, warm & fuzzy

Juliet P.

BRITISH FEMALE - warm, rich, velvety

Liz S.

friendly, helpful, warm, confident

Maggi M.

upbeat, fresh, vibrant

Shelley S.

young, sweet, positive

Susan S.

smooth, professional, national

Tonia K.

natural and strong

Kathy C.

informative, sincere, conversational

Tina L.

lighthearted, quirky, engaging

Tammy M.

warm, relatable mom, friendly

Carrie L.

girl next door, hip, inviting

Ursula D.

AUSTRALIAN-24 HOUR TURNAROUND. authentic, warm, trustworthy

Jill W.

friendly and warm, girl next door, smooth